How Many Points Is A Kick In Football?

how many points is a kick in football

In football, there are two kinds of kicks that can occur that result in points being scored: a field goal and extra point kick. A field goal is worth three points, whereas an extra point is worth one.

Field Goal

A field goal is worth three points. It is a timed special teams play. Field goals almost always happen on fourth down, as a last try to get points from a drive. Teams should only kick field goals if they are within field goal range. However, field goals can be attempted from anywhere.

Extra Point Kick

The extra point kick is worth one point. An extra point kick is one of two options for a team when it comes to their try, which happens after they score a touchdown. The extra point kick is an untimed special teams play. The ball is snapped from the 15 yard line for an extra point kick.