How Long Is An NFL Football Field?

How long is an NFL football field?

An NFL football field is one-hundred and twenty (120) yards long by one-hundred and sixty (160) feet wide. From goal line to goal line, the field is only one-hundred (100) yards long, but with the addition of both endzones, the field adds up to one-hundred and twenty (120) yards long in total.

Hash Marks

Almost all american football fields will be the same length of one-hundred and twenty (120) yards, but the main difference between different levels of football is the placement of the hash marks that run up the sidelines. Hash marks are small vertical lines that run parallel to the endzones, and are used to measure yardage on every down. Each hash mark measures one (1) yard in distance and are placed in between longer white lines that appear every five (5) yards and stretch the entire width of the field. The NFL's hash marks are placed eighteen (18) feet and six (6) inches apart, which is perfectly in line with the goal posts but shorter than both the college and high school distances.