Football Questions

football questions

Football is a pretty complex and sometimes hard-to-understand game. This piece is here to walk you through some of the most common questions asked about the game.

Football is a game that is played with many rules. We’ll break those rules into three main categories to make them easier to understand.

What Is The Point of Football?

In short, teams have four downs to get a first down while on offense. Failure to do so results in a change of possession. All play must stay in bounds, and penalties are called for various infractions. Teams try to score more points than the opponent to win a game. Points are mainly scored by getting the ball into the end zone, which is called a touchdown, or by kicking the ball through the goalposts, which is called a field goal.

How Many Players are on Each Football Team?

In standard football rules, each team plays 11 players on the field at one time. However, the roster size is larger than that to allow for substitution. The NFL has a roster size of 53 players on each team. Since each player usually only plays one position on offense or defense, a team will have a total of 22 different starters.

How Does a Team Win a Football Game?

A team wins in football by scoring more points than the other team. A team can score points either with a touchdown (6 points), field goal (3 points), safety (2 points), two-point conversion (2 points), or an extra point (1 point). Football games are timed, so scoring the most points within the time frame results in a victory. With enough wins in the regular season, a team is able to reach the postseason. Winning the postseason is the ultimate goal for teams.

What Equipment is Used in Football?

Players wear a variety of protective gear due to the violent nature of the sport. Essential equipment includes helmets, jerseys, shoulder pads, cleats, and a football. Helmets and shoulder pads protect players from potential injuries, especially those that result from the high-contact nature of the sport. The football is an essential piece of equipment and is the ball used in all football games. Lastly, cleats are worn by all players and help players to have traction on the field. Additional football equipment includes hip pads, thigh pads, knee pads, gloves, jockstraps, and mouthguards.

Where Do They Play Football?

Football teams play on a football field, which is generally located within a stadium or surrounded by seating. Football fields are either grass or turf, measuring 100 yards long and about 53 yards wide. The size of a football stadium can vary greatly depending on the level of play. For example, high school football stadiums may only seat a few hundred fans, while NFL and FBS college football typically feature grand stadiums that seat thousands.

How Do You Watch Football?

You can watch football games in person, or you can watch football on television. NFL games are broadcast every Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. FOX and CBS broadcast Sunday afternoon games, while NBC does Sunday nights. ESPN hosts Monday nights, while FOX and NFL Network are in charge of Thursday nights. Other networks such as ABC and Amazon host select games throughout the season. Football packages, most notably NFL RedZone, can be purchased to watch out-of-market games that may not be available to you based on your location. 

Most college football games are televised on Saturdays. Since there are a large number of games being played at the same or overlapping times, there are many different channels to watch college football. Power-5 conferences such as the SEC and ACC even have their own television networks where you can watch games happening in one particular conference at a time.

When Did Football Start?

The sport of football first began in 1869 between two colleges, Rutgers and Princeton (known as the College of New Jersey at the time). Football evolved greatly from there, transitioning from a soccer-like game to the hard-hitting physical sport it is today. The NFL was founded in 1920, with the first games being played that same year. 

How Long is a Football Game?

In both the NFL and college football games, a football game is 60 minutes long. This is divided into four 15-minute periods called “quarters.” Additionally, overtime can be played if the score remains tied at the end of the 60-minute period. Although the game clock lasts 60 minutes in football, games will typically last much longer.

On average, NFL football games last a little over three hours. This is due to stoppages in the game clock for timeouts, penalties, halftime, and numerous other reasons that increase the overall length of a game. 

What is the National Football League?

The National Football League (NFL) is the most prominent professional football league. It includes 32 teams from North America that each compete in 17 games per season. The NFL was founded in 1920 and has expanded dramatically since then. It is considered the highest level of competition for football players in the world.

What are the Measurements of a Football?

The ball used in American football is an ovular ball with slightly pointed edges. An NFL football has a length of 11 inches, a short circumference of 6.7 inches, and a long circumference of about 22 inches. It is primarily made of leather with laces on the top to improve grip. The football should weigh between 14 and 15 ounces. Keep in mind that footballs used for high school and youth games are generally smaller.  

When Does Football Season Start?

The NFL regular season typically starts the first week of September. Training camp begins mid to late July. NFL pre-season games are held throughout the month of August. High school and college football typically follow the same schedule, except they may start the regular season earlier and have no pre-season games.

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