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Football Questions

Do you have questions about football? Are you confused about the sport? Here is a list of the most common questions new sports fans have about football.


What are the Rules of Football?

Football is a pretty complex and sometimes hard to understand game. This piece is here to walk you through some of the most common questions asked about the game.

Football is a game that is played with many rules. We'll break those rules into three main categories to make them easier to understand.


Given the amount of contact in the sport it is important to keep the players safe. Rules have been made limiting the types of tackles defenders can make as well as putting protections on certain positions (quarterback, kicker, punter).

Front office

To maintain the fairness and integrity of the game, teams are limited to how much they can spend on players as well as the way they can interact with players. Collective Bargaining Agreements put into place rules and regulations that both players and leagues must abide by to keep everyone happy.


There are too many gameplay rules in the sport of football to be able to cover in this one piece. Hopefully this article will give you a brief look, and if you have any more questions definitely check out our football rules page that goes further in depth.

In short, teams have four downs to get a first down while on offense. Failure to do so results in a change of possession. All play must stay in bounds and penalties are called for various infractions. Teams try to score as many points as possible to win a game.

How Many Players are on Each Team?

In standard football rules each team plays 11 players on the field at one time. The roster size can be larger than that to allow for substitution though. The NFL has a roster size of 53 players on each team.

How Does a Team Win?

A team wins in football by scoring more points than the other team. A team can score points either with a touchdown (6 points), field goal (3 points), safety (2 points), two-point conversion (2 points), or an extra point (1 point)

With enough wins in the regular season a team is able to reach the postseason. Winning the postseason is the ultimate goal for teams.

What Equipment is Used?

Players wear a variety of protective gear due to the violent nature of the sport. Helmets are required as are pads.


Where Do They Play?

Football teams play on a football field which is 100 yards long and 53 yards wide. Most fields are located in a stadium which allows fans to watch the game live.

How do You Watch Football?

Alternatively, you can watch football on television. Games are broadcast every Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. FOX and CBS broadcast Sunday afternoon games, NBC does Sunday nights, ESPN hosts Monday nights, and NFL Network is in charge of Thursday nights.

When did Football Start?

The sport of football first began in 1869 between two colleges. The sport evolved greatly from there, transitioning from a soccer-like game to the hard hitting physical sport it is now.

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