Football Pylons

Football Pylons

Pylons are pieces of equipment used in American Football that help mark the end zones at both ends of the field. Most pylons come in a bright orange color for clear visibility. They help players know where to position themselves in order to score a touchdown.

What are football pylons used for?

Football pylons are meant to mark the territory of the endzone on an American Football field. They help the players, officials, and fans clearly see whether any given play should be scored a touchdown or not. The fluorescent color of the football pylon is also no accident. They are purposefully colored bright orange to increase visibility. The regulation height of a football pylon is 18 inches.

Things To Consider

When looking for football pylons, you'll want to consider the following:

  • How easily movable do you want your pylons to be?
  • How much are you willing to spend on football pylons?
  • Are you playing football on a surface that can be easily dug into?

What are you looking for in a football pylon?

  • Compatible with turf
  • Compatible with grass
  • Weather resistance
  • Easily movable
  • More permanent fixture


Pylons come in different forms in order to serve different purposes. Weighted pylons are great for turf fields as they do not have to be stuck into the ground. Anchored pylons tend to be used on natural grass football fields as they need to be placed deep into the ground to keep sturdy.

Anchored Pylon

Anchored pylons are great for anyone trying to mark the corners of the endzone on a natural grass field. They require ground underneath to be anchored into, so most turf fields are inadequate for anchored pylons. Anchored pylons come in many different color combinations, and require no extra hardware to install into the football field. An anchored pylon can range from about $50-$75 for a set of four or eight pylons.


  • Great for grass fields
  • Very sturdy
  • Don't require extra hardware for installation


  • Not as effective for turf fields
  • Not as easy to relocate

Weighted Pylon

Weighted football pylons do not need to be nailed into the ground. Instead, the pylon has a heavier base and allows for the pylon to stand upright. The purpose is the same as the anchored pylon, as it lets you clearly mark the endzone on a football field. Weighted pylons typically cost about $50 for a four pack.


  • Can easily be knocked down as an indication of contact by a player
  • Great for turf fields
  • Can also be used on grass fields


  • Not secured into the playing field
  • Could be knocked over unintentionally


How much do football pylons cost?

Football pylons can range heavily in price. Depending on the type, material, and quality of the pylons, the price can change drastically. An average set of weighted or anchored pylons should cost between $50-$75 for a four or eight pack.

Where do pylons go on a football field?

Pylons are placed at the corners of the endzones on a football field. This is because they separate the goal line from the playing surface. On a regulation field, 8 pylons are placed covering the 4 corners of the endzone on either side. The pylon is also considered to be an extension of the field and can be touched by a player with the ball to score a touchdown.

Are NFL pylons weighted or anchored?

NFL pylons are weighted. This is for many reasons. Most NFL teams use turf fields, and weighted pylons tend to be more effective for that type of playing surface. Another reason is that the pylon is considered an extension of the playing field. This means that if the pylon can be easily knocked over, it is easier to tell if a player has successfully touched the pylon.