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Football Wide Receivers

Football Receivers

Receivers are players on the offense that catch passes thrown by the quarterback in football. There are three main types of receivers:

Football Wide Receiver


A route is planned path that a receiver follows on a football field with the intent of catching a pass thrown by the quarterback. Routes can be complicated or simple depending on the play design.

Football Wide Receiver

Passing Plays

On a passing play the receiver looks to get open on the field for a pass thrown by the quarterback. A completion is a pass that's caught. An incompletion is a pass that is not caught or a throw that goes out of bounds.

Running Plays

On a running play the receiver attempts to block an opposing defender while the running back tries to gain yards on the ground.

Wide Receivers

A wide receiver is a receiver who stands wide near the sidelines at the start of a down on the scrimmage line. Wide receivers run complex routes on the field to fool defensive players and to create openings on the field to catch passes.

Football Wide Receiver

What Makes a Good Receiver

There are a few different traits that help separate average receivers from good receivers. Some of these traits include:

  • Precise Route Running
  • Good Hands
  • Exceptional Athletic Abilities (speed, strength, acceleration, jumping)
  • Good Chemistry with the Quarterback

Many of these traits can be approved on in practice, while some are more natural gifts. The obvious natural gifts are the athletic abilities of the receiver.

The Quarterback-Receiver Connection

One of the most important factors if not the most important factor in determining how successful a receiver will be is the chemistry between the receiver and the quarterback. The quarterback ultimately decides which receiver is going to have a chance to make a play, and those who practice and get to know the quarterback's tendencies will have the best shot of being successful on the field. And with more practice, it becomes much easier for the quarterback to throw on certain routes when he knows exactly where the receiver will be when he goes through his progressions.

Football Wide Receiver