Football True Linebacker

What is a True Linebacker in Football?

A true linebacker in football is a linebacker that positions himself behind the defensive line and plays all of the tasks of a linebacker very well. The linebacker is a member of the defensive line who has many different roles during a game. They position themselves about five yards behind the line of scrimmage and the defensive line. Since they have a lot of different responsibilities, a true linebacker is one that executes them all very well.


A true linebacker can fill in anywhere on the field when needed. He gives extra run protection or extra pass protection depending on the play. He is also the player most known for blitzing, which is sacking the opposing team's quarterback before he is able to make a pass. He is known as the most important defensive player on a team. The linebackers are most commonly found in the 4-3 or 3-4 defense.

Linebackers should be skilled and strong in running, passing, and tackling. They are a triple threat player who is often the leader of the defensive line. There is no shying away from a challenge as a true linebacker, and they should all be aware of their opponents and their own team members positioning on the field.