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Football Tailback

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Football Tailback

The tailback in football is a type of running back (TB) who specializes in running plays as the ball carrier. The tailback gets the ball via a handoff from the quarterback at the start of a down. Tailbacks can also serve as receivers on passing plays. Tailbacks differ from half backs in the way they line up on the field. Tailbacks line up behind the quarterback forming a T-shape on the football field.


The tailback's main responsibility is to find an open lane on the field and attempt a run. He should be aware of the time on the clock and know when to take the ball out of bounds in order to maximize his team's potential for scoring. Tailbacks are usually quicker and more agile than the other receivers and running backs, and therefore can be used in many scenarios. A tailback can be useful in a lot of different ways, like working to keep defenders away from the quarterback, acting as a receiver or finding an open lane to run.

football tailback


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