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Football Snapper

What is a football snapper? The snapper hikes or snaps the ball to the quarterback to start a scrimmage down. Get ready to learn all about football snappers.

Football Snapper

A snapper is a player on the special teams that starts with the ball on a kicking play. The snapper is like the center, a player on offense, who snaps the ball to the quarterback on every down. Snappers will either hike the ball to a punter on punts or a holder on kickoffs, field goals, and extra points. There are two main types of snappers:

  1. Snappers
  2. Long snappers

football-snapperSnapper Strategies

Snappers hold a big responsibility, because if the quarterback can not easily catch the ball from the snapper, the quarterback could be sacked or lose control of the ball.

After the snapper snaps the ball, he isn't out of the play. His role is to block any incoming defenders so the quarterback has time to think. A bad snap doesn't get directed to the holder's hands, and makes the play more complicated. Timing is essential for snappers. This allows the kicker to have a swift and accurate kick.

The snapper is responsible for:

  • Delivering a perfect snap every time
  • Serving as a blocker after the snap

Football Long Snapper

The long snapper is a type of snapper on the special teams who specializes in snapping the ball further distances on the field.


On a punt, the long snapper will snap the ball approximately fifteen yards. On field goals and extra points, the long snapper will snap the ball seven yards to a player called the holder. It is then the job of the holder to hold the ball in place for the placekicker.

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