Football Right Tackle

Football Right Tackle

What is a Right Tackle in Football?

The right tackle in football is the offensive lineman positioned on the line of scrimmage to the right of the right guard. The left tackle is in a similar place on the opposite end of the line of scrimmage. They play the same position as the right tackle, only on the other side. Both the right and left tackle positions are sometimes referred to as offensive tackles, or simply tackles.

The tackles are generally the biggest and strongest players on a football team. Their job is to block any defensive players who are trying to get to the quarterback or to stop a running play.

Right Tackle Roles and Responsibilities

The left and right tackles’ jobs are different depending on the quarterback’s blind side. Since the blind side is usually the left, right tackles will generally face the opponent’s best run-stopper. A good right tackle must combine strength with athleticism, and also have good technical skills such as footwork and play reading.

Right Tackle Strategies

Just as with their responsibilities, strategies for left and right tackles depend heavily on the quarterback’s blind side. If the quarterback is right-handed, the right tackle will most likely have less pressure coming towards them. If the quarterback is left-handed, the majority of defensive pressure will likely come from the right side. 

Right tackles must be able to recognize where pressure is coming from and adjust accordingly. Once they know where to defend, right tackles can set in place and push back anyone who tries to pass them.

Right Tackle Skills

Right tackles, first and foremost, must be big and strong. They will be blocking the largest and strongest players on the defense. If they want to be successful in blocking for the quarterback or ball carrier, they must be the strongest players on the offensive side of the field.

Right tackles must also have good footwork, as they are required to move laterally extremely quickly when the ball is snapped. A right tackle with poor footwork will be overtaken by defensive players, endangering the ball carrier or quarterback.

Right Tackle Jersey Numbers

Right tackles are a part of the offensive line. Thus, they are required to wear a jersey number between 50 and 79 in the NFL. This is so the referees can easily identify eligible and ineligible receivers. In college football, right tackles are not required to wear a specific jersey number, but are recommended to wear a number between 70 and 79.

List of NFL Right Tackles

  • Bob St. Clair
  • Forrest Gregg
  • George Kunz
  • Jackie Slater
  • Joe Stydahar
  • Rayfield Wright
  • Ron Mix
  • Ron Yary


What is a right tackle in football?

In football, a right tackle is the right-most member of the offensive line. Like other offensive linemen, right tackles are positioned along the line of scrimmage at the start of each down. The primary goal of a right tackle is to block any defensive player trying to sack the quarterback or tackle other ball carriers.

What does a right tackle do in football?

In football, a right tackle blocks defensive players from sacking the quarterback or tackling other ball carriers. A great right tackle must be strong, big, fast, and adept at reading plays so that they can react quickly to whatever the defense throws at them. Also, a right tackle will have to face a team’s best run-stopper assuming the quarterback’s blindside is on the left.

What is an offensive tackle in football?

In football, an offensive tackle is a category of offensive linemen that includes both the left tackle and the right tackle. Offensive tackles are lined up at the very edge of the offensive line and block the defense from sacking the quarterback or otherwise interfering with the running play. The responsibilities of an offensive tackle depend on the quarterback’s blind side.

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