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Football Receiving Team

What is football receiving team? Get ready to learn about receiving team in football.

Football Receiving Team

The receiving team in football is one of the two designated teams on special teams during kickoffs. The receiving team is the team receiving the ball from the kickoff or punt while the other team who is kicking or punting the ball is known as the kicking team. In case of penalties during kicking plays, referees may refer to the receiving team as the defense and the kicking team as the offense as the kicking team is technically still in possession of the football until the ball is received by the receiving team.

The player who is designated to catch the football on the receiving team is known as the returner. On punts, the receiving team also has two players known as jammers at the far end of the line of scrimmage who try to block incoming rushers from reaching the returner before catching the ball.


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