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Football Punt Returner

What is a Punt Returner in Football?

A punt returner in football is a specialist player whose primary role is to receive and return punts to gain yardage for the offense. The punt returner is a special teams player who usually double as a kick returner on kickoffs as well. A punt returner is meant to be very quick and agile, as well as coordinated to track down the position of the ball in the air and catch it.

football punt returner

Punt Returner Challenges

The difficulty of the punt returner position is judging how close the defense is to you. When playing punt returner, you must keep your eyes on the ball in the air and you cannot look to see where the defense is. The returner can call for a fair catch by waving their arm in the air. A fair catch simply calls the play dead when the returner catches the ball and the ball is placed at the spot of the catch.

Another challenge can be judging the distance between you and the ball, especially with the sun. There have been some occasions where the punt returner completely misses the catch because of the sun or misjudging the distance between him and the ball.