Football Position Abbreviations

Football Positions

What Are the Abbreviations of the Positions in Football?

Every position in football has an abbreviation to make it easier to identify each player. This includes offensive, defensive, and special teams positions. Here is a list of every position and their corresponding abbreviation:


What is the SAF position in football?

The SAF position in football refers to the safety position, and occasionally specifically the strong safety. This is an alternate abbreviation, as safety is usually abbreviated to “S,” plus “FS” for free safety and “SS” for strong safety. A common usage of the SAF abbreviation is during NFL Draft.

What is the abbreviation for a running back in football?

The main abbreviation for a running back in football is RB. However, there are different classifications of running backs that each have their own abbreviations. The two most common abbreviations you will see for running backs besides RB will be HB (halfback) and FB (fullback). A halfback is the primary ball-carrier on running plays. A fullback is mainly used to block for the halfback, but sometimes will be used as a ball-carrier on running plays.

What does LT stand for in football?

The abbreviation LT stands for left tackle. A left tackle in football is an offensive lineman who starts on the far left end of the offensive line, to the left of the left guard. Their main responsibilities are blocking for the quarterback and the running backs. This is a particularly difficult and important position on a team’s offensive line, as left tackles are typically the main source of protection for a quarterback’s blind side.