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Football Placekicker

Table of Contents

What is a Placekicker in Football?

The placekicker is the player on a football team who attempts field goal kicks and extra points. Placekickers are typically out of the football game until they are needed to perform a kick. He works closely with the holder, who ensures the ball is in the perfect position for the kicker. Occasionally a placekicker will perform a punt if the punter cannot play.


A placekicker's main role is to step in and score goals where needed. He trains with a coach on kicking form, technique, and power. The goal is for players to try to score touchdowns, the placekicker's role is to rack up points that can be essential to winning a game.

Kickers approach the ball a bit differently than other football players. Like soccer, a placekicker begins a few steps behind the ball and runs up to kick it like a soccer player would take a penalty kick. Since they are not directly making contact with any defenders, there is a lot of pressure to make these goals, regardless of the distance to the goal posts. However, during a kick return, kickers can be defended and even tackled by any defenders.

PRO TIP: Did you know that kickers are often the smallest players on a team? This is because their size doesn't usually influence their kicking ability and they are not needed to defend other players.


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