Football Personal Protector

What is a Personal Protector in Football?

The personal protector is a football position part of the special teams. The position, which can also be called upback or punt protector, comes onto the field mostly in punting situations. The personal protector positions himself between the offensive line and the punter, he is the last defense on the punter, and his job is to block any defensive player who may get through the offensive line and interfere with the punt. Many consider the personal protector to be the special teams' quarterback, as he is the one usually calling the snap, reading the plays, and coordinating the offensive players on the field.

The personal protector is also crucial in fake punt plays. He may be the one receiving the snap instead of the punter and throwing it or running with it while tricking the defense in believing a punt is going to be made. Personal protectors also come up in kneeling plays, where they focus on recovering the ball in case a fumble happens.