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Football Offensive Tackle

What is football offensive tackle? Get ready to learn about offensive tackle in football.

Offensive Tackles

The offensive tackle in football is a player position on the offense (OT) who stands on the line of scrimmage and serves a blocker in the offensive line. Offensive tackles can be left tackles or right tackles based on where they stand in the offensive line. Offensive tackle counter defensive ends, players on the opposing team's defensive line.


The main job of the offensive tackles is to block. They are preventing the defenders from getting to the player with the ball, which is usually the quarterback. The offensive tackles must be very strong players since they are countering very strong defenders.

There are a few different roles for the offensive tackles depending on the game situation. They are responsible for protecting the outside zones, which are the areas closest to each sideline. He is also responsible for zone coverage if the tight end moves to catch a pass. The offensive tackle must cover that area that he left.


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