Football Offensive Lineman

Football Offensive Linemen

The offensive line in football is a group of five linemen that stand on the line of scrimmage at the start of every down. Offensive lines serve as blockers and counter the opposing team's defensive line. They also must block to open up holes for the running back to run through. The offensive line consists of the following player positions:

football offensive line


The center snaps the ball on every play and must read the defense to call out specific blocking plays. He's a very important position.

Left Tackle

Despite never touching the ball, the left tackle is one of the most important players on the team. The left tackle defends the quarterbacks left side, which is his blind side because of how the quarterback stands. They also have to take on the toughest matchup of pass rusher.

Right Tackle

The right tackle has the same job as the left tackle. However, he doesn't cover the quarterback's blind side, so his job is slightly less important. The right tackle also draws easier matchups.

Left Guard/Right Guard

The guards play on the left and right of the center. These guards may not be skilled as the tackles, but they have to block the heaviest defenders.