Football Nose Tackle

What is the Nose Tackle in Football?

In football, the nose tackle is a defensive lineman that lines up in the center of the defensive line. The nose tackle, also called the defensive tackle, is situated between the left end and right end on the defensive line and opposite of the center on the offensive line. The nose tackle is often called the 'anchor' of the defense as they are the first line of defense on the defensive line.


The nose tackles primary goal is to collapse in on the offensive line and attack the quarterback and running back. He is called a nose tackle because he is often "nose to nose" with the nose of the football. He aims to jam up the offensive line so they cannot gain any yards down the field. Nose tackles rarely get sacks on the quarterback, but they are the primary run-stoppers of the defense. Most nose tackles lack statistical excellence as the position does not put them in a place to dominate statistically. However, the importance of the position is not overlooked as the difference between a good and bad nose tackle is notable.

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