Football Left Tackle

football left tackle

What is a Left Tackle in Football?

A left tackle in football is a player on the left side of the offensive line that blocks for the quarterback and running back. The left tackle is on the far left end of the offensive line. They are one of the most important positions on the offensive line, as they protect the quarterback’s blind side. Keep reading to learn more about left tackles in football.

Left Tackle Responsibilities

The left tackle is widely considered to be one of the most important players on a team’s roster. Since most NFL quarterbacks are right handed, they often have their backs turned to players rushing towards them from the left side of the field when trying to complete a pass. A good left tackle helps prevent the quarterback from being brought to the ground by a defender that is hard for the quarterback to sense coming.

Left Tackle Characteristics

Similar to other offensive linemen, a left tackle needs to have a large stature and exceptional strength. Nearly every left tackle playing in the NFL weighs approximately 300 pounds and stands well over six feet tall. This allows the player to fight off powerful defenders trying to shake off the blocker and take down the quarterback. Left tackles also possess exceptional speed to keep up with defenders rushing off the edge of the line.

Left Tackle Salaries

Since left tackles are so crucial in ensuring the safety of the offense’s quarterback, they often make higher salaries than other positions within the offensive line. Each of the top left tackles in the NFL make upwards of $13 million per year, a massive salary compared to players who hold the other four offensive line positions (left guard, center, right guard, tackle). 

Notable NFL Left Tackles

  • Anthony Muñoz
  • Art Shell
  • Gary Zimmerman
  • Jim Parker
  • Joe Thomas
  • Jonathan Ogden
  • Orlando Pace
  • Roosevelt Brown
  • Walter Jones
  • Willie Roaf


What is a left tackle in football?

A left tackle in football is a player on the far left side of the offensive line. Left tackles are typically very large, often weighing over 300 pounds and standing over six feet tall. This is because their primary function is taking down defensive players attempting to sack the quarterback or tackle the running back before they can complete a pass.

What does a left tackle do?

The primary responsibility of a left tackle is to block for the quarterback and the running back. Since the majority of NFL quarterbacks are right-handed, they usually have their backs exposed to defensive players rushing them from the left side of the field. A left tackle must push against such attempts long enough for the quarterback to successfully make a pass.