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What is football jammer? Get ready to learn about jammer in football.

What is a Jammer in Football?

A jammer in football is a special teams position used during punts or at kickoff. The jammer's role is to block or slow down the other team's gunners to stop them from getting a free release. This allows the punt returner to have more space and time to gain yardage on a punt return. Since gunners are sent to tackle the punt returner as quickly as possible, jammers are essentially a counter to the opposing team's gunners.

When the ball is kicked, jammers will do whatever they can to protect the punt returner and stop the opposing gunners who are running at full speed. This means that players will get hit hard and the position can be very physically tasking at times. Jammers are fast, tough, and agile players who are capable of taking hits and holding their own. Jammers are usually played by other position's backups due to the intense role the position is required to play.

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