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What is football fullback? Get ready to learn about fullback in football.

What is a Fullback in Football?

Fullbacks in football are running backs (FB) who specialize in protecting the half back (HB) on running plays. Fullbacks can also catch passes on passing plays. Fullbacks differ from half backs and tail backs based on their size. Fullbacks are usually much bigger.


The fullback in football is an offensive player who is tasked with running the football. He also blocks for the running back and quarterback. On most plays involving the fullback, they are tasked with being an extra blocker for the running back or quarterback. These are usually on plays that need little yardage to convert to a first down or touchdown. Fullbacks also run the ball like running backs, but very rarely. They should be larger in size than running backs to power their way forward. They also need to have fast feet and strong enough to take hits.

Famous Fullbacks

The claim of 'best fullback of all time' is a matter of one's own opinion. There is no specific statistic that can vilify who is the best fullback ever. There are, however, multiple fullbacks that many consider to be the best. Some of the 'best' fullbacks to play in the NFL include Jim Brown, Jim Taylor, Bronko Nagurski, and William Perry. Current NFL running backs that may be considered some of the best include John Kuhn, Kyle Juszczyk, and James Develin.

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