Football Defensive Tackle

Defensive Tackle

The defensive tackle in football is a defensive player (DT) positioned on the line of scrimmage who serves a blocker in the defensive line. Defensive tackles counter the offensive guard (G) in the opposing team's offensive line. They are often called defensive guards.


Defensive tackles are positioned in the middle of the defensive line. Their main role is to rush the passer and stop any players that head toward the center of the line of scrimmage. The defensive tackle who lines up across from the ball, also called the nose tackle, is the core and leader of the defensive line. He aims to jam up as many offensive players as he can.


Defensive tackles should be larger in size and excellent at tackling. They also should be strong enough to take hits. They should be quick enough to avoid getting tackled, yet agile enough to attack their own opponents. Like many other defensive players, defensive tackles have to see the entire field at a glance. The defensive tackle should try to take down as many opponents as possible so that his offensive teammates can find open lanes to run or pass the ball.

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