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Football Defensive End

Defensive End

The defensive end in football is a defensive player (DE) positioned on the line of scrimmage. In most defenses, these players are lined up on the opposite end of the inside tackles. They counter the offensive tackle (OT) in the opposing team's offensive line. Their job is not very complicated in comparison to other positions on defense.

On run plays, the defensive end moves forward enough to ensure that the run play does not get outside of them. They are tasked with keeping the play inside where there is more defensive help.If it is a pass play, they must try to get past blockers fast enough to sack the quarterback. The more pressure they are able to put on the quarterback, the easier job the defensive secondary will have.

football defensive end

Stances and Athleticism

For the most part, these defenders will line up in a three-point stance with two feet on the ground and a hand in the dirt. Depending on the defensive formation, they may line up in a two point stance, practically standing up, in an effort to get into the backfield quicker.

Defensive ends tend to be more athletic than other members of the defensive line. Their average weight ranges from 245-260 pounds, but of course, this varies. The reason they need to be so agile is because they have to get around those big offensive linemen to make a big play.

Notable Players

Possibly the most famous defensive end is Reggie White of the Green Bay Packers weighing in around 260 pounds. Some other notable defensive ends are Michael Strahan, JJ White, and Dwight Freeney.