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What is football cornerback? Get ready to learn about cornerback in football.

What is a Cornerback in Football?

The cornerback in football is a defensive player who specializes in covering offensive wide receivers and preventing passes from being caught. Cornerbacks play in the defensive secondary, about 15 to 20 yards behind the line of scrimmage and defensive line alongside the safeties. On any given play, there are anywhere between two and four cornerbacks on the field.


Unlike other defensive secondary players, cornerbacks are usually charged with guarding a specific player in man-to-man situations. Cornerbacks must be very fast and agile in order to keep up with wide receivers, as well as able to recognize and differentiate passing and running plays in a moments notice. They should be thinking of what move the quarterback is going to make next. Cornerbacks are usually around six feet tall or shorter as to be quick and able to get underneath opposing receivers.


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