Football Wall Return

A wall return in football is a play in which, on a return, a 'wall' of blockers escorts the returner downfield. This is to keep as many defenders away from the returner as possible and give him an open lane to run. The wall return blockers must be quick to defend any moving opponents, and strong enough to keep them away from the ball carrier. Their priority is to provide protection and tackle anyone who may get in the carrier's way.

Punt Returner

The punt returner is responsible for making a sprint around the wall in order to gain yards down the field. Although most of the blocking is behind done by the wall, the punt returner still needs to be mindful of the route he is taking. With one scan of the field, he should know the route and lane he wants to take. This run will not be easy. Sometimes punt returners take very jagged and sharp turns to try to gain as much of an advantage as possible. They must be smart in their choices and aware of defenders at all times.