Football Square Cut Pass Pattern

What is a square cut pass pattern?

A square cut pass pattern in football is a pass route in which the receiver cuts either in or out, towards or away from the line of scrimmage, creating a right angle shape with their route.


The square cut pass pattern is best used to evade any defenders. It will work best for quick wide receivers. Some consider it a trick play, where the wide receiver leads a defender in one direction and then quickly making a sharp turn. This specific strategy takes the wide receivers out even wider to the sidelines. Making a sharp cut provides the quarterback with options for short passes.

Passing Offensives

The square cut pass pattern is very popular among different football teams and is one of the most significant plays that an offense can run. Passing outside to a receiver lessens the chance of turnovers and interceptions because if the catch is missed, the ball will be thrown out of bounds rather than into an opponent's possession.


Wide receivers who perform the square cut pass pattern have to be thinking ahead, always. Their defender has most likely seen this play dozens of times, so the wide receiver needs to think one step ahead. Doing cut fakes, stepping one way before going the other way, is key for this play. Wide receivers should be agile runners and not afraid of defensive pressure. He should be convincing with his runs to bring a defender out with him before making a square cut.