Football Quarterback Draw

What is a Quarterback Draw in Football?

A quarterback draw in football is a play in which the quarterback is snapped the ball, usually in the shotgun or pistol formation, then they run the football down the field themselves. There is a slight delay before the run begins to trick the defense into thinking that the play will be a pass.

Strategy Behind the Draw Play

The advantage of the draw play is that the defense does not expect it. The quarterback is expected to take the snap and then throw the ball but ends up running.

The play type is also useful against defenses with heavy pass rushes. They are "drawn" into the backfield only for the quarterback to take off into the large gap they left behind.

If an offense sets up the defense by running the play several times throughout the game the defense may elect to have a linebacker "spy" or guard the quarterback. By doing so the defense then has one less person in coverage, benefitting the offense.

The Best Quarterbacks at the Draw Play

The two characteristics that best determine a quarterback's success at the draw play are speed and size. Fast quarterbacks can out maneuver the big defensive linemen while bigger quarterbacks can run through would be tacklers. A combination of the two skills is rare but very effective in executing the play.

Michael Vick

Michael Vick is sometimes considered to be more of a running back than a quarterback given his success rushing the ball. He is an elusive speedster that was a nightmare to defend during his career. Vick is the record holder for most rushing yards by a quarterback, most rushing yards by a quarterback in a season, and yards per carry amongst all positions.

Cam Newton

Newton is a guy who combines speed, size, and strength. He currently owns records for most rushing touchdowns by a quarterback and most rushing touchdowns in a season by a quarterback. He is also closing in on and on pace to break Michael Vick's career rushing yards record.