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Football Bubble Screen

Table of Contents

What is a Bubble Screen in Football?

Football Bubble Screen

A bubble screen in football is an offensive play when the receiver or tight end run on a curved path on the wide side of the field to catch a quick pass from the quarterback. It is a type of screen pass focused on quickly passing off the ball to a receiver who is covered by a "screen" of other players. In a bubble screen, after the receiver catches the ball, other offensive players will cover the receiver by enclosing the defensive players to the inside of the field. This screen creates a path between the screen and the sideline for the receiver to carry the ball and run.

A bubble screen is known as a quick hit play, but must be executed properly to be effective. The quarterback must properly read the field before attempting this play. Bubble screens are an excellent way to speed up game play and offer fast players the ability to break a big play.


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