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Football Kickoff Out Of Bounds

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What is a Kickoff Out of Bounds Penalty in Football?

A kickoff out of bounds penalty is a penalty in Football that is called on the kicking team during a kickoff when the ball lands out of bounds before making contact with a player on the receiving team. When a player (who is active on the field of play at the time of the kick) catches the ball out of bounds or makes contact with an in-bounds ball while out of bounds, this also results in a kickoff out of bounds penalty. The ball is advanced 30-yards closer to receiving teams target endzone from the spot of where the ball crossed into the out of bounds territory.

A kickoff out of bounds penalty does not occur during punts as those kicks are allowed to land out of bounds. If a kickoff or punt lands in the endzone of the receiving team, it is called a touchback.


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