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Football Invalid Fair Catch Signal

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What is an Invalid Fair Catch Signal Penalty in Football?

An invalid fair catch signal is a penalty in Football that is called on the receiving team during a punt or kick when the returner who is receiving the ball does not perform the proper fair catch signal. The fair catch signal is performed by extending one's arm over their head, and most players wave their arms as to make sure the officials know they are calling for a fair catch. This penalty places the ball down at the spot of the catch, with an additional 5 yard loss.

A fair catch signal is used to signal for a fair catch, which notifies officials and opposing players who is planning on catching the football and that they do not plan to return the ball. Upon catching the ball, the ball is called dead and placed at the spot of the catch. The opposing team may not tackle or interfere with a player calling a fair catch. If the ball is not caught after calling a fair catch, the normal kickoff rules apply.

Football Invalid Fair Catch Signal


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