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Football Fair Catch Interference

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What is a Fair Catch Interference Penalty in Football?

Fair catch interference is a penalty in Football that is called on the kicking team during punts and kickoffs when a player on the kicking interferes with the returner attempting to catch the ball after having called for a fair catch. Once a returner calls for a fair catch, they cannot be touched or interfered with until the ball is caught, in which the ball is called dead. Any form of major distraction is cause for a fair catch interference penalty. Any contact made with the football by the kicking team before the returner catches the ball after calling for a fair catch is also grounds for a fair catch interference penalty. This penalty results in a 15 yard penalty against the kicking team.

A player on the receiving team cannot be called for fair catch interference for bumping into the returner. However, if a player on the kicking team pushes a receiving team player into the returner, the penalty may be called.

Football Fair Catch Interference


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