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Football Juggled Pass

What is a Juggled Pass in Football?

A juggled pass in football is a pass that is caught by the receiver but is bobbled while the catch is being made. If the receiver juggles the ball while going out of bounds, then the pass is incomplete because possession was never secured in bounds.

While many juggling catches take great dexterity and focus to haul in, many are just luckily tipped to the offensive or defensive player, allowing them to make a highlight reel play. Rarely will a player purposefully juggle a ball in order to catch it since the bounces are so unpredictable.


Juggled passes are made every day, but there have been a few situations where the absurdity and timing made the catches even more spectacular.

In Super Bowl 49, Russel Wilson heaved a pass to Jermaine Kearse on the sideline against the New England Patriots. The ball was tipped at its high point by both Kearse and the cornerback covering him, and then landed in Kearse's lap as he fell to the ground, despite safety Duron Harmon jumping over him in the process. Kearse eventually corralled the ball and stood up before being tackled.

A similar situation happened two years later, but in the Patriots favor. Despite the ball being tipped by an Atlanta Falcons defender, Julian Edelman out-dove two other players to grab the ball after it hit multiple legs and secured it before it touched the ground. Both this and the Kearse catch were extremely lucky examples of a juggled catch going the offenses way.