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Football Super Bowl Commercials

Table of Contents

What are Super Bowl Commercials in Football?

Super Bowl commercials are the television ads reproduced during the commercial breaks of the Super Bowl. They draw interest even from non-football watchers due to their high level production, humorous content, and cinematography; many watch the event on TV solemnly because of the iconic commercials. Many commercials also have appearances of American personalities such as actors and actresses, Hall-of-Fame athletes, and singers. Companies plan their ads for the Super Bowl long before the event, trying to make it the best possible and memorable for those watching it. All of that makes the Super Bowl Commercials an integral part of the tradition of watching the event's television broadcast, and a part of the American culture.

IMPORTANT: The iconic Super Bowl commercials are only present on the American broadcast of the game. Other countries do not get the commercials on their local broadcasts. All Super Bowl commercials can be watched on YouTube by the whole world.

How Much does it Cost to Air a Super Bowl Commercial?

A 30-second time slot had a cost of 5.25 million dollars for Super Bowl LIII. The production of the commercial tends to be very expensive as well since companies always want to deliver high-level commercial to the watchers. Therefore, advertising during a Super Bowl break can turn out to be quite expensive. The Super Bowl has an incredibly diverse and large audience, many Super Bowls occupy spots in America's most watched television broadcasts list, and that is what it makes so expensive and yet desirable for companies to run their ads. However, having a catchy Super Bowl ad can generate incredible brand awareness and social media buzz, and so despite the hefty price enterprises such as T-Mobile, Planters, Kia, are still willing to invest in it.


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