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Football Senior Bowl

Table of Contents

What is the Senior Bowl in Football?

The Senior Bowl is a scouting event held every year in Mobile, Alabama. College prospects looking to go professional are invited to participate in the event. Eligible players are those who are in their senior year of college or are graduating in the spring of the current year as many juniors finish school in only three years.

The prospects are split into two teams, North and South. Each team is led by an NFL coaching staff. These staffs are usually from teams picking at or near the top of the draft. The week is full of events for the potential NFL players. The media gets time to interview players and watch practices run by each coaching staff.

At the end of the week is the actual game. Typically, the coaching staffs will rotate which players play which quarter, as there are plenty of prospects to go through. For example, each team will typically have 4 quarterbacks, meaning each quarterback will play around a quarter of the game. This is to give all prospects a fair chance to make a name for themselves on the field.

Many players have boosted their draft stock through the Senior Bowl. Most players, unless already likely first round picks, will use whatever chance they get to show NFL teams they belong in the league, and the Senior Bowl is the perfect opportunity for those eligible to attend.


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