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Football Scouting Combine

Table of Contents

What is the Scouting Combine in Football?

The NFL combine, also referred to as the National Invitational Camp (NIC), is an annual event that allows collegiate prospects to display their athletic abilities for potential NFL teams. The very first of these events was held during the offseason of the 1982 season in Tampa, Florida. On top of assessing the physical talents of prospects, the combine was also designed to check out each player's medical information.

In its first year, the National Invitational Camp invited 163 of the best college athletes. In 1985, all 28 NFL teams came together came together as one official combine in an attempt to split the cost of medical exams. During the 1987 season the league decided to move the NIC to Indianapolis, Indiana, where it has been hosted ever since.

As knowledge began to spread on mental health, the NIC began to incorporate psychological tests into the combine as well. Coaches, executives, and scouts from all 32 NFL teams will attend the event to conduct interviews with prospects in an effort to find the perfect home for these young players.


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