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What is Thursday Night Football?

NFL Thursday, officially called Thursday Night Football is an exclusive broadcast of NFL games throughout the season (13 games in the 2019 season). The games are aired on Thursday nights throughout the season, starting Week 2 with most kick-offs scheduled for 8:20 PM. In previous years, CBS and NBC have purchased the rights to air Thursday Night Football, but in 2018 FOX purchased the exclusive rights through 2020. For the 2019 season, 11 games will be broadcast on FOX simultaneously with the NFL Network and Amazon Prime Video, and 2 games will be exclusively available on the NFL Network.

While there are other NFL games being aired on Thursdays throughout the season, if they are not broadcast on FOX they are technically not a part of the Thursday Night Football series. Many fans dedicate their Thursday nights to watching professional football and since its debut in 2006, Thursday Night Football has become a staple of the NFL. Similar programs to watch NFL games include Monday Night Football (ESPN) and NFL Sunday Ticket (DIRECTV).


The following is the schedule for the 2019 Thursday Night Football series on FOX:

  • Week 2 - Buccaneers VS. Panthers
  • Week 3 - Titans VS. Jaguars
  • Week 4 - Eagles VS. Packers
  • Week 5 - Rams VS. Seahawks
  • Week 6 - Giants VS. Patriots
  • Week 7 - Chiefs VS. Broncos
  • Week 8 - Redskins VS. Vikings
  • Week 9 - 49ers VS. Cardinals
  • Week 10 - Chargers VS. Raiders
  • Week 11 - Steelers VS. Browns
  • Week 12 - Colts VS. Texans
  • Week 14 - Cowboys VS. Bears
  • Week 15 - Jets VS. Ravens

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