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Football NFL Monday

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What is NFL Monday in Football?

An NFL Monday in football refers to a television program called "Monday Night Football." The program is responsible for televising NFL games on Monday night and currently airs on ESPN. In addition to the main event, Monday nights also include a pregame show known as "Monday Night Countdown," which features coverage from analysts and former players.

Night games in particular, including those on Thursday and Sunday, draw a lot of attention from fans because some of the best teams and individual players are often scheduled to play in them. Monday nights are no exception. Additionally, Monday night games are nationally televised, so football fans from all over the country can tune it to watch.


"Monday Night Football" began with the New York Jets taking on the Cleveland Browns, airing on ABC in 1970. The program also introduced a three-person team in the announcing booth and additional cameras compared to other broadcasts of NFL games during this season. Later, in 2006, ESPN took its place. The contract for "Monday Night Football" will be up for grabs again in 2021, meaning another company may soon own the rights to broadcast the program.


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