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Football NFL Draft

What is the NFL Draft?

The NFL Draft is an event held every year in which teams are able to select players for their franchises. Draftees have to have been at least 3 years removed from high school. Each team has one pick in all 7 rounds of the draft, resulting in 7 draft picks. Although each team starts with all 7 picks, teams made trade their picks if they so choose. Reverse order of record is used for the order of the draft picks, with the team that had the worst record receiving the 1st overall pick, and so on. For the teams that made the playoffs, their draft pick is determined by where they were eliminated during those playoffs. This means the Super Bowl champions get the last pick in each round.

Stan Kostka

The story of Stan Kostka is why the modern day draft was created. In 1934, he was the most coveted player out of college that any team would have signed in a heartbeat. After holding out for a total of nine months to get a big contract, Kostka ended up receiving $5,000 from Brooklyn. This was the largest contract for anyone in the entire league at the time. As a result of this bidding war, the league decided a draft would be needed to prevent this from happening in the future.

On The Clock

When it is time for a team to pick a player, they do not receive unlimited time to make their selection. Time increments decrease after every round as the draft gets to its later stage. The amount of time per round is listed below.

  • First Round: 10 minutes
  • Second Round: 7 minutes
  • Third Round: 5 minutes
  • Fourth Round: 5 minutes
  • Fifth Round: 5 minutes
  • Sixth Round: 5 minutes
  • Seventh Round: 4 minutes

NFL Combine

The NFL Combine is a chance for the players looking to get drafted to showcase their skills to NFL teams in attendance. The event takes place a few months before the draft in Indianapolis. During this event, the players take part in on field drills with coaches of the NFL teams as well as go through physical and mental activities. Some of the physical activities include the 40 yard dash and bench press. Mental activities include the Wonderlic test and questioning about various topics. The goal for teams in attendance is to gauge the talent and get to know the players. The goal for the athletes is to help positively affect their draft stock by showcasing their skills.