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Football Hall Of Fame

What is the Hall of Fame in Football?

The Football Hall of Fame is the location for history and memorabilia related to professional football as well as where players get enshrined for their outstanding accomplishments.

The Hall of Fame is located in Canton, Ohio. The predecessor to the NFL, the American Professional Football Association, was created in Canton.

The Hall itself was built in 1963, but is constantly expanding with the growth of the sport and its achievements.


In order to get inducted, a player must be selected by a committee of representatives and then voted on. 18 finalists are chosen and then 80% of the vote is necessary to qualify. Usually between 4-8 spots are awarded. The Hall of Fame selection committee has received criticism since it is made up entirely of media representatives. Players are not the only people who can find their way into the Hall, as coaches, owners, and even contributors have been inducted.

There are 326 total members with the first ever class including legends Jim Thorpe and George Halas, and the most recent 2019 class represented by Tony Gonzalez and Ed Reed.

The Chicago Bears have the most representation with 33 Hall of Famers, while the Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans have yet to produce a worthy candidate.

While most positions include a decent number of inductees, only one punter has ever been enshrined, Ray Guy.

Notre Dame has produced the most Hall of Famers with 13, followed closely by the University of Southern California with 12