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Football All Star Team

What is an All Star Team in Football?

An all star team in football is a team that competes in an all star game. The best players from every team in the league, or at certain levels, the country, make up the teams. In some games, such as the NFL's Pro Bowl, each team will wear a uniform specific to the all star game, but individual players will don the helmets they wore for their teams during the regular season.

All star games appear at numerous levels of football, from youth leagues to the NFL. Depending on the level of play and the specific all star game, teams are divided up in different ways. The games discussed here are only a few examples.

College All Star Team Selections

While there are a number of all star games for college players, the two games associated with the NFL are the East-West Shrine Game and the Senior Bowl.

The players in the East-West Shrine Game are divided up based on their school's location in respect to the Mississippi River. However, the best 100 players are always selected, regardless of where their school lands on the map. Teams in this game are made up entirely of seniors.

Similarly, the Senior Bowl is divided into the North and South teams. However, players from schools all over the country have appeared on both teams. Individuals playing in this game must be seniors or fourth-year junior graduates.

Pro Bowl Team Selections

The Pro Bowl is the NFL's all star game. Players are split up by conference, between the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). However, actually choosing players comes down to three categories: fan, player, and coach votes, each of which accounts for a third of the final selection process.

Some players selected to the Pro Bowl do not appear in the game for their respective teams if they are injured or will be playing in the upcoming Super Bowl.