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Football All Star Game

What is an All Star Game in Football?

An All Star game in football is when the best players in a league participate in a game with and against one another. A combination of a league's best players will form two different teams and compete against each other.

Collegiate All Star Games

There are football all star games that involve collegiate players. These games include the East-West Shrine Game and Senior Bowl. These games are both played for charity.

The East-West Shrine Game partners with the Shriners Hospitals for Children. Players participating in the game will visit a near-by Shriners Hospital for Children to spend time with the patients. As for coaching, NFL teams will nominate assistant coaches to coach the East-West Shrine Game. This game is not only an incredible opportunity for collegiate football players to showcase their skills but also for NFL assistant coaches to prove they are good enough for a head coaching position.

The Senior Bowl partners with the Mobile Arts and Sports Association (MASA), a non-profit organization. MASA supports both multiple local and regional organizations and this game helps them to further do so. The NFL arranges for professional coaching staffs to coach both teams in this game. The football players that participate in this game are top rated NFL prospects and all of them have finished their college eligibility. Thirty percent of NFL players have played in the Senior Bowl.

Pro Bowl

The NFL's All Star game is called the Pro Bowl. Top players from both the AFC and NFC are chosen to participate in this game. It has been played in Orlando, Florida for the past two years. The Pro Bowl occurs during the week before the Super Bowl. If a player selected to play in the Pro Bowl is on one of the teams in the Super Bowl, he does not participate in the Pro Bowl. In this situation, a different player in the NFL will replace the one playing in the Super Bowl.

The rules of the Pro Bowl vary from a regular NFL game to increase safety and prevent injuries. Typically, the AFC wears red jerseys and the NFC wears blue jerseys. Players wear the helmet of their personal teams.