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Tennessee Titans

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Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans were first established in 1959 and were known as the Houston Oilers. In 1997, the franchise moved to Nashville and in the following year rebranded the team to the Tennessee Titans. Notable Titans players include Steve McNair, Eddie George and Earl Campbell.

  • Founding Year: 1959
  • City: Nashville, TN
  • Conference: AFC
  • Number of Super Bowls: 0
  • Mascot: T-Rac
  • Owner: KSA Industries
  • Head Coach: Mike Vrabel
  • Stadium: Nissan Stadium


The Tennessee Titans were founded in 1959 by K.S. "Bud" Adams Jr. as one of the first franchises in the American Football League (AFL). However, they were not in Tennessee nor were they called the Titans; they were founded in Houston and called the Oilers. The first two AFL Championships were theirs in 1960-61. After the NFL-AFL merger at the end of the 1960's, the team found moderate success in Houston. Many great athletes played for the franchise, particularly quarterback Warren Moon, one of the most successful quarterbacks of all the and the first African-American to be named to the Hall of Fame.

In 1997, the Houston Oilers moved to Nashville to become the Tennessee Oilers. In 1999 the Oilers officially changed their name to the Titans. That year was also the franchise's most successful year in the NFL. The Titans made a run to the Super Bowl, with one game against Buffalo ending in spectacular fashion in an event known as the Music City Miracle. The Titans lost that Super Bowl to the St. Louis Rams. Since then, the Titans have been a less than stellar franchise with few playoff achievements.



The Titans have some of the best uniforms in the NFL. Some of the colors included on the uniform are navy blue, light blue, and silver. Recently, the Titans have switched to navy blue helmets over white helmets. The logo consists of a steel "T" in a blue flame, with an alternate logo of a steel sword with three stars.



The Tennessee Titans play in the AFC South. The other teams in that conference are the Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans, and the Indianapolis Colts. Both the Titans and Colts have been around since before the NFL merger while the Jaguars and Texans are relatively new teams.


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