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New York Jets

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The New York Jets

The New York Jets began as one of the eight founding teams in the AFL, a rival league to the NFL that started in 1960. When they first joined, they were called the Titans of New York and were named that until 1963. They were the first of two AFL teams to win the Super Bowl before the leagues merged in 1970. It remains the Jets only Super Bowl appearance and win.

The Jets logo is a dark green football shape with their letters and a small white football underneath. The team colors, also green and white, is a common nickname for the franchise.

Like the Giants, the Jets don't actually play in New York; they play in New Jersey. Both teams share a stadium. Until 2010, the teams played in Giants Stadium, but they upgraded the home field and currently play in Metlife Stadium. It was built where the old Giants Stadium parking lot was. The new Metlife Stadium cost $1.6 billion.


Changing the Reputation

While winning isn't something the Jets are famous for, they arguably have the most famous win in NFL history. In the early days of the AFL, competing with the NFL wasn't really considered a competition. For a while, the AFL couldn't attract the same players or coaches to the league due to financial constraints, making it more difficult to catch up to the bigger, more established league.

But in the mid-1960s, the AFL started offering more lucrative salaries to former college players in an attempt to steal them from the NFL. One such player was Joe Namath, a future hall of fame quarterback. He signed for the New York Jets in 1965. While Joe Namath's career statistics don't compare to the modern players, he was considered a great passer of his time.

When the AFL played the NFL in 1969, the New York Jets represented the AFL, and the Indianapolis Colts represented the NFL. Namath famously guaranteed a Jets victory in that game and then delivered on his promise.


Merging the Leagues

After Joe Namath led the Jets to a historic victory, the NFL began to respect the AFL. With this newfound respect, the leagues began to merge over the next few years.


How They Look Now

The New York Jets are historically a losing team. They have had a winning record 11 times in the last 30 years. They have also finished last in their division four out of the last five seasons.

There is hope for the Jets this season and beyond as they have a good core of young players headlined by Sam Darnold, their second-year quarterback, and Jamal Adams, their third-year Pro Bowl safety. However, they just fired their general manager and old head coach, making it seem like they are still in heavy rebuilding mode. Jets fans' agony may not be over quite yet.


Notable Players

In the Jets history, there are several notable players in their history. A few of them are:

  • Joe Namath
  • Vinny Testaverde
  • Curtis Martin
  • Darrelle Revis

Joe Namath will always be famous for the win he guaranteed against the Colts. But Broadway Joe, as he was known by fans and the media, was also well known for his off field antics as much as his play on the field. He famously wore a fur coat on the sidelines and was a fixture of the city nightlife.

Vinny Testaverde essentially became the quarterback that never was for the New York Jets. The New York City native only played two complete seasons for the team, but his most notable one was one in which he played only one game. In the 1999 opener, the quarterback suffered a non-contact Achillies injury and ended his season. It was a year in which the Jets were Super Bowl favorites, and all the hype disappeared quickly after the injury.

Curtis Martin wasn't drafted by the Jets but made his name in New York. Martin had three successful seasons in New England were followed up by eight more in the Big Apple. Martin ran for over 1000 yards in every season he played, except his last, making him the fifth-leading rusher of all time.

Cornerback Darrelle Revis was a main reason for much of the Jets more recent success. His ability to play man coverage with such precision and accuracy meant he was able to defend half the field by himself. This allowed his head coach and defensive coordinators more flexibility in their schemes. His career interception count of 29 doesn't put him in the top 50 all-time in that category. While this seems low, it's largely because quarterbacks didn't want to throw the ball his way out of fear of him intercepting it.


New York Jets Basic Info

The New York Jets were formed in New York in 1959 and went by the name of the Titans. In 1963, the team changed their name to the Jets. Famous players for the Jets include Joe Namath, Darrelle Revis and Curtis Martin.

  • Founding Year: 1959
  • City: New York, NY
  • Conference: AFC
  • Number of Super Bowls: 1 (1969)
  • Mascot: None
  • Owner: Woody and Chris Johnson
  • Head Coach: Adam Gase
  • Stadium: MetLife Stadium

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