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Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns History

The Cleveland Browns were first established in 1946 and played in the All-America Football Conference. During their time in this conference (AAFC), they won four championships over four years with a record of 52-4-3. When the AAFC disappeared, the Browns joined the NFL in 1950. Upon joining this league, they won six NFL Eastern Conference championships in a row. Despite many worries that the team was not strong enough to play in such a competitive league, they showed that they were beyond capable enough.

In 1996, Browns owner Arthur B. Modell moved the franchise to Baltimore, but the people of cleveland fought to maintain their team name and branding. So, the team that moved became the Baltimore Ravens, and the Browns were able to stay in Cleveland and restart a new team in 1999.

The last championship that the Browns won was in 1964. Since then, they have not been able to win the largest NFL competition; the Superbowl. They are one of only twelve teams who have never won this competition. Because of that, they have a reputation for being a weak team, despite their history of wins before the Superbowl was created.

Some of the best Browns players include Jim Brown, Bernie Kosar and Otto Graham. Their numbers have all been retired for the team.

In recent years, the Browns have struggled to maintain the high winning records that they saw in the late 1900s. In the 2016 season, they went 1-15, and in 2017, they were 0-16. In 2019, they stepped up and left the season with a record of 7-8-1. Cleveland Browns fans are hoping the upward trend will continue.

Browns Fans

Many Browns fans have had to remain very faithful to their team despite recent losing streaks. These fans may be the most devoted for staying so loyal to a team even with the loses. Many have good senses of humor about the topic, holding sarcastic signs such as "rebuilding since 1964". Some famous fans include Elvis Preseley, Drew Carey, and Hank Aaron.

Basic Team Info

  • Founding Year: 1946
  • City: Cleveland, OH
  • Conference: AFC
  • Number of Super Bowls: 0
  • Mascot: Chomps
  • Team Colors: Brown and Orange
  • Owner: Jimmy Haslam
  • Head Coach: Freddie Kitchens
  • Stadium: FirstEnergy Stadium