NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Winners List

NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Winners

The NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year is awarded at the end of each season to the offensive rookie that displayed the most excellence on the field. The award is presented by the Associated Press (AP) and is considered the NFL’s official award for honoring rookie offensive players. Other organizations give similar awards, however the AP’s are the only ones officially recognized by the NFL, and are presented at the NFL Honors ceremony. Keep reading for a complete list of NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award winners, starting in 1957, the first year the AP awarded the prize.

List of NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Winners since 1957

  • 1957: Jim Brown (Cleveland Browns)
  • 1958: Jimmy Orr (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • 1959: Boyd Dowler (Green Bay Packers)
  • 1960: Gail Codgill (Detroit Lions)
  • 1961: Mike Ditka (Chicago Bears)
  • 1962: Ron Bull (Chicago Bears)
  • 1963: Paul Flatley (Minnesota Vikings)
  • 1964: Charley Taylot (Washington Redskins)
  • 1965: Gale Sayers (Chicago Bears)
  • 1966: Johnny Roland (St. Louis Cardinals)
  • 1967: Mel Farr (Detroit Lions)
  • 1968: Earl McCullouch (Detroit Lions)
  • 1969: Calvin Hill (Dallas Cowboys)
  • 1970: Dennis Shaw (Buffalo Bills)
  • 1971: John Brockington (Green Bay Packers)
  • 1972: Franco Harris (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • 1973: Chuck Foreman (Minnesota Vikings)
  • 1974: Don Woods (San Diego Chargers)
  • 1975: Mike Thomas (Washington Redskins)
  • 1976: Sammy White (Minnesota Vikings)
  • 1977: Tony Dorsett (Dallas Cowboys)
  • 1978: Earl Campbell (Houston Oilers)
  • 1979: Ottis Anderson (St. Louis Cardinals)
  • 1980: Billy Sims (Detroit Lions)
  • 1981: George Rogers (New Orleans Saints)
  • 1982: Marcus Allen (Los Angeles Raiders)
  • 1983: Eric Dickerson (Los Angeles Rams)
  • 1984: Louis Lipps (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • 1985: Eddie Brown (Cincinnati Bengals)
  • 1986: Reuben Mayes (New Orleans Saints)
  • 1987: Troy Stradford (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1988: John Stephens (New England Patriots)
  • 1989: Barry Sanders (Detroit Lions)
  • 1990: Emmitt Smith (Dallas Cowboys)
  • 1991: Leonard Russell (New England Patriots)
  • 1992: Carl Pickens (Cincinnati Bengals)
  • 1993: Jerome Bettis (Los Angeles Rams)
  • 1994: Marshall Faulk (Indianapolis Colts)
  • 1995: Curtis Martin (New England Patriots)
  • 1996: Eddie George (Houston Oilers)
  • 1997: Warrick Dunn (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
  • 1998: Randy Moss (Minnesota Vikings)
  • 1999: Edgerrin James (Indianapolis Colts)
  • 2000: Mike Anderson (Denver Broncos)
  • 2001: Anthony Thomas (Chicago Bears)
  • 2002: Clinton Portis (Denver Broncos)
  • 2003: Anquan Boldin (Arizona Cardinals)
  • 2004: Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • 2005: Cadillac Williams (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
  • 2006: Vince Young (Tennessee Titans)
  • 2007: Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings)
  • 2008: Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons)
  • 2009: Percy Harvin (Minnesota Vikings)
  • 2010: Sam Bradford (St. Louis Rams)
  • 2011: Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers)
  • 2012: Robert Griffin III (Washington Redskins)
  • 2013: Eddie Lacy (Green Bay Packers)
  • 2014: Odell Beckham Jr. (New York Giants)
  • 2015: Todd Gurley (St. Louis Rams)
  • 2016: Dak Prescott (Dallas Cowboys)
  • 2017: Alvin Kamara (New Orleans Saints)
  • 2018: Saquon Barkley (New York Giants)
  • 2019: Kyler Murray (Arizona Cardinals)
  • 2020: Justin Herbert (Los Angeles Chargers)
  • 2021: Ja’Marr Chase (Cincinnati Bengals)
  • 2022: TBA


What is the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award?

The NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award is the NFL’s official award to recognize excellence by a rookie player in an offensive position. It has been awarded since 1957 and is voted on by 50 Associated Press writers. Along with other official awards, Offensive Rookie of the Year is presented at the NFL Honors ceremony the day before the Super Bowl.

How is the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year chosen?

The NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year is chosen by members of the Associated Press (AP). 50 AP sports writers who have followed the current NFL season are gathered to vote on which new player to the league has given the best offensive performance in the past year. The player with the most votes is given an official trophy at the NFL Honors ceremony.

What position typically wins NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year?

NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year is most often awarded to a running back. By a wide margin, most of the winners have been running backs; however several notable rookie quarterbacks and wide receivers have also earned the award.