NFL Football Jerseys

Football Jersey

NFL players wear special jerseys that are a part of their game day uniform. Many fans like to show support for their favorite players and teams on game days, and they typically do so by wearing their favorite player’s jersey.

What are football jerseys used for?

The jerseys that NFL players wear during games are produced in the team’s colors, with different color formats being used for home and away jerseys. Each player has their own number on the front and back of the jersey with their last name just above the back numbers. Teams will typically produce and sell jerseys of their highest rated and most popular players, but personal, customized jerseys are also commonly available for purchase.

Fans can buy their favorite player’s jersey in a number of different colors, as certain teams even have alternate jerseys or throwback options. Jerseys are both a timeless and impermanent purchase as some fans will continue to wear their favorite player’s jersey even after he is no longer on the team, while others look to purchase a new jersey as soon as that player changes teams.

Things To Consider

When looking for a football jersey, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What type of jersey are you looking for?
  • What size jersey do you need?
  • How much money do you want to spend on a football jersey?
  • Do you have a favorite team, color, or design?

What are you looking for in a football jersey?

  • Comfort
  • Affordability
  • Tight fit
  • High-quality materials
  • Matches what NFL players wear
  • Retro designs


There are a number of different types of NFL jerseys that affect the price, fit, and material.

Nike Legend Jerseys

Nike Legend jerseys are designed to be available for everyday wear without the risk of ruining an expensive piece of clothing. These jerseys tend to fit more like a t-shirt instead of a typical jersey, while also being incredibly lightweight. The letters and numbers are heat-printed onto the jersey.

Nike Game Jerseys

Nike Game jerseys provide a perfect balance of comfort and authenticity. These jerseys offer much of the comfort that can be found in the Legend jerseys while offering a feel and look that is much closer to the on-field product. These jerseys also come with printed letters, logos, and numbers. These are quality jerseys at a very reasonable price point.

Nike Limited Jerseys

Nike Limited jerseys are high-quality jerseys that come with stitched numbers, letters, and logos. The neckline is made to be stretch-resistant, which helps the jersey maintain its initial shape. These are among the most affordable, authentic-looking jerseys on the market, although they aren’t as comfortable as some of the more naturally fitting jerseys.

Authentic Nike Elite Jerseys

These are the highest quality jerseys available to fans, and they are nearly the same quality that players wear on the field. The authenticity of these jerseys gives them a much heavier feel, and they also tend to be less comfortable. These jerseys have the same stitching and a much more narrow fit than other jerseys in order to mimic the jerseys worn on-field.

Throwback Jerseys

NFL throwback jerseys resemble older uniforms from a franchise that no longer exists or previous versions of a current team's jerseys. Throwback jerseys typically feature the names and numbers of retired players, as jersey designs and teams don’t change too frequently. Older jerseys tend to be popular as fans get to represent some of the NFL’s legends, while wearing a vintage design.


There are several different producers of NFL jerseys, all of which provide different benefits.


Nike is the current producer of all the actual on-field NFL jerseys, which gives them an advantage when it comes to producing authentic jerseys. Nike produces a wide range of NFL merchandise, so they’re also capable of producing a wide range of jerseys both in terms of fit, feel, and price. Even the cheapest of Nike jerseys still tend to cost quite a bit.


Reebok is the previous producer of NFL jerseys, which means that all of their jerseys are going to be throwbacks or at least several years old. Reebok’s 10-year deal as the official manufacturer of NFL jerseys ended following the 2011 season, so they no longer produce current NFL jerseys. This means that their jerseys are often significantly cheaper than current NFL jerseys, while still not being too outdated. These jerseys also tend to have a looser, more forgiving fit, which makes them more comfortable.

Mitchell & Ness

Mitchell & Ness produce high-quality vintage jerseys that are sometimes replicas of a specific year. These jerseys are often stitched and made out of a heavier fabric that makes them more durable. These jerseys tend to come with an extremely high price tag, regardless of the style. Mitchell & Ness produces some of the most unique vintage jerseys on the market.


How do you wash a football jersey?

While NFL jerseys might be tough and durable in the physical sense, they need to be cleaned properly or else they could suffer serious damage. All stains should be removed manually before they are put into any machine. After the stains have been treated, jerseys should be separated into three different color piles: white, black, and all other colors. This is done in the event that the black or other colored jerseys bleed. The jerseys should then be washed on a delicate setting and allowed to air dry.

What kind of jerseys do NFL players wear?

NFL players wear Elite Nike NFL jerseys as these are made out of high quality, durable materials with all of the letters, logos, and numbers stitched on. The jerseys worn by players on the field during games need to be capable of withstanding the high impacts that players receive, as well as withstanding the pulls from opposing players. Fans can purchase jerseys that are nearly the same quality, fit, and feel, but they tend to come with an extremely high price tag. 

How do you find the right size football jersey?

Jersey sizing is typically found using chest and back width measurements, although it is relatively close to your typical shirt size. If you plan on wearing layers underneath your jersey, like another shirt or sweatshirt, then you may want to order another size up. Typically, men’s NFL jerseys have a larger, looser fit, while women’s jerseys are slimmer and tighter. Ultimately, the best way to determine your jersey size is by actually trying jerseys on and then adjusting the size based on feel.