List Of Football Facts

List Of Football Facts

The game of football is full of exciting plays, huge upsets, and most importantly crazy history and facts. Since the first ever football game which was played in 1869, featuring Rutgers University and Princeton, there have been a plethora of interesting things we have seen throughout the football world. Here we will dive into some of the most astounding facts from both College and Professional Football.

College Football Facts

  • Most Overtimes Ever
  • Most Pass Attempts
  • Career Passing Yards
  • Producing Heismans
  • Defense Wins Heismans
  • Double Heisman
  • One of the Best the NCAA has Seen
  • Home Field Advantage
  • Can't Stop Winning
  • Largest Coaching Contract in NCAA History
  • Lethal Game

Most Overtimes Ever

The record of most overtimes a college football game has gone to is seven. There have been three occurrences of this happening, most recently in a contest including LSU and Texas A&M.; In a five hour game, Texas A&M; came out on top with a bewildering score of 74-72. The two teams combined for 1,017 total yards along with 17 total touchdowns.

Most Pass Attempts

Drew Brees holds the record for most pass attempts in a single college game with 83. In perspective, the NFL record for most passing attempts is held by Steve Young with 65. Drew Brees' Boilermakers ended up losing the game 31-24 despite a stellar performance from Brees.

Career Passing Yards

Case Keenum ended his career in Houston with the most passing yards in college football history with 19,217 yards. Due to a medical redshirt, Keenum was able to play 5 years, totaling 57 career games. In a passing era, this record could be broken, but Keenum left his mark on the college football world.

Producing Heismans

The programs with the most Heisman Trophy Winners are Notre Dame and University of Southern California with seven winners apiece. These storied programs have seen a number of college superstars throughout their history such as legends from ND like Tim Brown and stud players for USC like Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart.

Defense Wins Heismans

Charles Woodson of Michigan is the only defensive player ever to win the Heisman Trophy. Along with being a shutdown cornerback, Woodson also shined as a kick returner and punt returner to help him bring home the honors.

Double Heisman

Former Ohio State legend Archie Griffin is the only player in NCAA history to win the Heisman trophy twice in a career. In his two winning seasons, he totaled 3,145 yards and 16 touchdowns. In a world where the NFL is much more popular and lucrative for athletes, it would be hard to believe to see a two-time Heisman Trophy winner again.

One of the Best the NCAA has Seen

In arguably the best season from any college player ever, Barry Sanders had one of the most impressive stats the football world has ever seen. In the 1988 season he totaled 2,628 rushing yards paired with 37 rushing touchdowns along with bringing home the Heisman Trophy. These two numbers remain NCAA records, and probably will be for a very long time.

Home Field Advantage

Ann Arbor, Michigan is home to the biggest stadium throughout college football. The Big House holds 109,901, however the highest attendance ever was in a contest between Michigan and Notre Dame which held 115,109 fans. Talk about a squeeze.

Can't Stop Winning

The longest win streak in NCAA history is 47 games in a row by the Oklahoma Sooners. The streak continued over a four year span (1953-1957), and the college football world has yet to see a streak come even close to this record.

Largest Coaching Contract in NCAA History

The largest contract for a head coach in college football history is $7.5 million a year for Nick Saba. Alabama Crimson Tide has had quite a run under Saban, with a record of 158-23 and a total of five national championships in his impressive tenure.

Lethal Game

During the year 1905, eighteen players were killed while playing college football. The circumstances got so severe that Columbia University suspended their season and President Roosevelt felt the need to get involved to demand safer rules and regulations. Although football is an extremely dangerous sport, luckily the game we know and love is much more safe now than it was back in the day.

NFL Facts

  • CBS With A Steal
  • Left Handed Wonder
  • Tom Brady's Dominance
  • Two Year Excellence
  • Best Rookie Quarterback
  • Least Running Yards
  • Technological Advances
  • Home Field Advantage Part 2
  • Most Points Ever
  • Covering The Spread
  • Football Runs In The Family

CBS With A Steal

In 1962, CBS paid $4.65 million for the first exclusive rights to the NFL. To put that into some perspective, FOX currently pays $1.15 billion per year for just the NFC package. Obviously times have changed, however with those two numbers alone you can tell how popular and lucrative the game became overtime.

Left Handed Wonder

The rarity of a lefty quarterback is more apparent with this stat than ever. Steve Young from the San Francisco 49ers is the only left handed quarterback in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Lefties are sort of a phenomenon in football, as Tua Tagovailoa is the only lefty starting quarterback currently in the NFL as of 2020.

Tom Brady's Dominance

Tom Brady has the most playoff passing yards in NFL history with 11,388. The next closest is Peyton Manning with a grand total of 7,339. A 4,000 yard difference shows Brady's dominance in the playoffs along with his longevity of success.

Two Year Excellence

The Indianapolis Colts won 23 straight regular season games in the span of 2008-2009. This was arguably the peak of Peyton Manning's career, and shows his dominance throughout the National Football League with that stellar streak.

Best Rookie Quarterback

The highest QB rating from a rookie quarterback ever was Robert Griffin III with a pristine 102.4 rating. The standout rookie, formally known as RG3, did not have much of a successful career after that, but the Baylor standout carried the Redskins to a playoff berth in his first year in the league.

Least Running Yards

In 2000, the entire San Diego Chargers team ran for a season total of 1,062. A grand total of nineteen individual running backs had more than that in 2000. When looking at the most rushing yards in a season, which is held by legendary running back, Eric Dickerson, with 2,105 yards is nearly double of an entire team's total.

Technological Advances

As of 2015, 35% of replay reviews are overturned. It makes you think about all of the possible controversial plays that could have ended up differently in the NFL's history if they had this type of technology back in the day.

Home Field Advantage Part 2

The Minnesota Vikings have the best home winning percentage in the NFC since the AFL/NFL merger. An unexpected team for sure, but given games such as the renowned Minneapolis Miracle and the famous SKOL clap, it is not too big of a surprise.

Most Points Ever

Only six teams in NFL history have scored over sixty points in a single contest. In a rebuilding year for the Colts, they gave up a whopping 62 points to the New Orleans Saints. Given Drew Brees' previous fact of most passing attempts in college football history, this was never out of the question for Brees and the Saints.

Covering The Spread

Since 1987, there have been eleven games of 20+ point spreads and the favorites have only covered twice. This year we saw the Kansas City Chiefs and the New York Jets have a 19.5 point spread, which the chiefs easily covered. Underdogs, however, are 0-11 in those contests.

Football Runs In The Family

There have been 217 different sets of father-son combinations in the National Football League. Ed McCaffery, former wide receiver for the Denver Broncos, has had two sons play in the NFL: Christain McCaffery and Max McCaffery. Howie Long's sons Chris Long and Kyle Long also played in the NFL. And of course, who can forget Archie Manning and his two future Hall of Fame sons in Eli and Peyton Manning?