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Canadian Football League

What is Canadian Football League CFL?

The Canadian Football League is a professional candian football league, based in Toronto, ON. The league currently has 9 teams that are split up into a Western and Eastern Division, with 5 in the West and 4 in the East. Each team plays a total of 18 games over the course of 21 weeks from June-November. The season cultimates with the playoffs and the final 2 teams meet for a chance to win the Grey Cup.

Current CFL Teams List

  • Toronto Argonauts (East)
  • Montreal Alouettes (East)
  • Hamilton Tiger-Cats (East)
  • Ottawa Redblacks (East)
  • BC Lions (West)
  • Saskatchewan Roughriders (West)
  • Edmonton Eskimos (West)
  • Winnipeg Blue Bombers (West)
  • Calgary Stampeders (West)

A Brief History

After being founded in 1958, the league has gone through many phases. In the early years, teams from the West and from the East would only meet each other in the Grey Cup. There was also a period of time in the 1990's where there was expansion into the United States. Although these teams eventually failed, the league has stabilized and in recent seasons, talks of expansion have continued to be held.

Canadian Football

Canadian Football is a contact sport similar to American Football. While the two sports share the same name and do feature many similarities, there are also some key differences to the two. The first major difference is the number of players on the field at one time. American football plays 11 on 11 while Candian football has 12 players per team on the field at one time. This is somewhat a result of the field being much bigger in Canadian football, with the dimensions stretching to 110 yards long and 65 yards wide. A big part of Canadian football is the passing aspect of the game. This is due to teams on offense only having 3 downs to get 10 yards rather than the traditional 4 downs. This limits the amount of running plays teams use, as running plays usually result in fewer yardage gained than passing plays. Candian football also has goalposts sitting in front of the endzone rather than at the back of the endzone. This can affect players during the game as they have to worry about avoiding the goalposts in the field of play. On the flip side, it benefits kickers. Teams can be farther away and still have a good chance at a field goal, in American football goalposts in the back of the endzone means an extra 10 yards father away for kickers.