Football Drop Kick

What is a Drop Kick in Football?

A drop kick is when a player punts the ball by letting it hit the ground before swinging through with their leg as the ball begins to bounce up. The risk of this type of kick is if the drop is not executed well, the ball could bounce in the wrong direction, completely ruining the kick before it starts.


Drop kicks are extremely rare in the NFL today, but they were once popular enough that drop kicked field goals were their own category in record books. The last successful field goal that was drop kicked occurred in 1937. Chicago Bears kicker Earl Clark completed a 17-yard attempt in a game against the Lions.

Before Clark, the number of attempts was much higher due in part to a more rounded point of the football in the 1920s. Players such as Paddy Driscoll and Jim Thorpe would attempt drop kicks on a regular basis, with Driscoll holding the record for longest field goal of its kind at 50 yards.

The most recent drop kick extra point that was converted was in 2005 when quarterback Doug Flutie completed the kick on the last play of his professional career.

Michael Dickson, the punter for the Seattle Seahawks, drop kicked the ball several times in his rookie 2018 season. His upbringing in Australia playing Australian football contributed to his ability to perform using this strange technique.