Football How To Throw An NFL Ball

NFL Football

An NFL football is slightly larger than a regulation college football, and much larger than a pee-wee or standard store football. Because of this, the NFL football is a little bit more difficult to throw than the others. Practice is always the best course of action when learning how to do anything, and this applies to throwing a football as well.

Throwing the Ball

Getting a solid understanding of throwing a football is essential when starting out in football. When holding the ball, your pinky and ring finger should be placed on the top set of laces. Your middle finger and pointer finger should be placed toward the top point of the ball. The thumb holds the bottom part of the football, which keeps the ball balanced between your fingers. When throwing the ball, you should be square towards your target, meaning you turn your body so that the target is directly in front of you. Throw in more of a downward motion rather than upward. The last part of the throw is the spiral, which takes some time to master. Right before you release the ball, flick your wrist just slightly so you roll your fingers off the laces and ball instead of throwing it straight. This should create a spiral, making for a more accurate throw.