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Football How To Score Points

What is football how to score points? Get ready to learn about how to score points in football.

How do you score in football?

There are many ways to score in football. Scoring in football can occur on offense, defense, and special teams. The main forms of scoring are the touchdown, field goal, and extra point. A touchdown occurs when the ball crosses the goal line into the end zone of the opposing team. A touchdown can be scored on offense, defense, and special teams and is worth six points. The field goal can only occur on special teams, and is when the ball is kicked through the upright goal posts, resulting in three points. The extra point occurs after a touchdown, and is the same process as a field goal but is only worth one point. Uncommon ways of scoring include the safety and the two-point conversion.

Where is the Score Kept?

The score is kept on a large scoreboard operated right next to the playing field, in most cases in the back of one of the end zones.


A touchdown is when a member of a football team (offense or defense) makes it into the endzone with possession of the football. Doing so awards the team six points along with giving them a chance to go for an extra point or a two-point conversion. After a touchdown the referee raises his arms up to signal the touchdown.

The Try

The decision after the touchdown is known as the try, and gives the team two options: go for a point after try (worth one point and called an extra point) or a two point try (two point conversion). A successful try is signaled with the same hand motion as a touchdown.

Extra Point

An extra point is snapped from the 15 yard line and is a 33 yard kick. If the place kicker makes the kick through the uprights their team is rewarded an additional point to their touchdown.

Two Point Conversion

The alternative is worth two points. The team that scored receives the ball at the two yard line and must get the ball into the endzone. They only get one play to do so and failure means a missed opportunity for the two points.

Field Goals

When an offensive team cannot make it to the endzone (either by time constraints or they are facing fourth down) they can elect to kick a field goal. A field goal is worth three points and is very similar to an extra point. The kicking team snaps the ball from the line of scrimmage and the place kicker attempts to kick the ball through the uprights.

A successful field goal also shares the same referee hand signal as the touchdown.


A safety is the least common form of scoring. If an offensive player is tackled while in their own end zone by the defense, the defensive team is awarded two points. The referee signals this by raising his hands and bringing his palms together.

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